Creative Videographer Captures Corporate Event for Video Production in North Sydney

When you started your business decades ago, all you needed was quality service. Your reputation spoke for itself and customers did most of the marketing for you with word-of-mouth recommendations. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, social media marketing has revolutionised how people shop both on and off-line. This hasn’t been to your benefit.

You may have scoffed before, but there’s no denying that a solid web presence is now necessary for business success. Bring your long-established corporation into the 21st century with stunning corporate video production. North Sydney is best served by Darkroom Pictures, a comprehensive film production company.

Cutting-Edge Corporate Video Production for North Sydney

We are a single-source company for project films with a corporate videographer available in North Sydney. Working with the latest equipment and an extensive team of skilled technicians, we’re able to handle your brand awareness project from start to finish. Conversely, if you have a vision in mind and want to do it yourself, we’re happy to offer our skills individually based on the technicians needed. Our team is comprised of our corporate videographer, camera operators, sound recorders and cue techs, set and movement designers, makeup artists and editors.

You’ve spent your time honing your craft to produce a quality product and service. If you haven’t spent your free time studying film production in preparation for the digital revolution, we understand and excel at working with you. Adaptability is our middle name and we thrive on new settings and challenges.

While you’ve been building your business, we’ve developed our talents in video production throughout North Sydney. Our project gallery extends across diverse genres and settings including travel, food, interviews, live-streams, corporate matters, TV and film. We bring our extensive experience to each project, offering guidance and suggestions based on current video and marketing trends.

When you hire us for full project production, you’ll sit down with our corporate videographer. We’ll go over the project, breaking it down into segments until a full action plan is fixed. For each segment we’ll discuss angles, lighting, sound, wardrobe and location. Once this has been agreed, we’ll arrange a filming schedule.

Branded Excellence with Darkroom Pictures

We don’t rush through filming. When you work with us, you have our complete attention to ensure that the final product is to your satisfaction. We’ll take multiple shots so that the post-production team has an assortment of high-quality footage to work with. After filming is complete, we send the film and your detailed requests to our in-house post-production editing team.

In post, segments are refined and strung together to make the final video. We use Adobe Creative Suite to add in special effects, subtitles, voice-overs and musical scores. The sky’s the limit in post-production. We help you get creative about establishing your company in the digital marketplace.

Current market trends indicate that consumers want to see the human side of businesses they patronise. One way to show a little more than your products and services is to incorporate footage from an event into your video production. North Sydney is a beautiful landscape with a bustling event calendar. Call us the next time you and your team host or attend a community function. We’ll incorporate the candid footage into your video production project or craft a separate film highlighting the event.