Corporate Training Video by Exceptional Videographer and Film Production Crew in Sydney

Your corporation has grown quickly. In the last year you’ve strategically opened new offices around the globe to be close to your supply chain and key business contacts. Management, however, has been difficult. You can’t be in multiple places at once and sending someone from headquarters to run training at each hub is a costly and unending task that drains valuable resources.

Uniformity in policies, operating procedure and quality standards is imperative to your continued success. An onboarding staff member at each location capable of welcoming new hires is important, but to ensure each new team member is properly informed of your key values and policies, a training video is in order. Let Darkroom Pictures create a corporate video from your Sydney headquarters that can be used at each office.

Skilled and Creative Corporate Film Production Available in Sydney

Professional corporate film production is what sets Sydney’s most successful businesses apart from the competition. We have the experience, equipment and team to make high quality training videos that stand out. We thrive when working in diverse settings to fulfil client-specific needs. Browse our project gallery for samples of our work in travel, corporate branding, photography, TV & film, special events, live streaming and much more.

We are a seasoned crew with a comprehensive list of specialised skills. Our corporate videographer leads your Sydney project, working closely with the motion and audio designers. We’ll sit down with you and discuss each video segment with regards to length, setting and information distribution. Once a plan is approved, we set the filming schedule. The rest of our team - DOP’s, camera operators, sound technicians, makeup artists and all of the assistants - join us at the filming location.

After all segments are captured, the project is sent to our in-house editing team for post-production work. Your segments are polished and mixed into a seamless final piece in our cutting-edge editing lab. This is where we can add subtitles, grading, audio mixing, voice-overs, VFX and GFX. Imagination is the limit in post-production, be sure to discuss the many options with your corporate videographer. We work primarily with Adobe Creative Suite and have extensive experience with Final Cut Suite.

Flexibility, Leadership and Great Films from Darkroom Pictures

Corporate film production doesn’t have to be cheesy or boring. On the contrary, what makes a successful corporate training video are the same qualities that make a great entertainment piece. Obligation is not enough to captivate an audience, but you need your new employees paying enough attention to apply the information to their daily tasks. It takes creativity and ingenuity to make a memorable piece. Ask our corporate videographer how to make your company’s vital training information enjoyable and professional.

We’re comfortable taking direction or taking the lead. We understand that not everyone has a passion and eye for spectacular corporate video creation. Leading with patience and an enthusiasm for sharing our craft, we sit down and walk you through the entire process. We’ll help you with all the technical aspects such as angles, motion speed, music and lighting. We draw on our extensive background, current trends and the subject of your creative content to make your goal, ours.