Take Your Brand Seriously with Professional Video Marketing and Production in Sydney

Developing your brand is an exciting venture. Whether you’re producing a product such as rugged camping tents with built-in kitchens and baths or a service such as interior design consulting, you need to market them and do that well.

Because no matter how impressive and useful your brand is, in today’s world with so much information and marketing out there, it’s easy to get lost in the madness. One way to push your brand to the top as an entrepreneur is through video marketing. Get the finest in professional video production in Sydney with Darkroom Pictures.

We’re a video production company that creates content for social media, websites, and other advertisements for brands and businesses in Australia. No matter the industry, we have the experience and interest to take on your project. We’ve worked in the areas of travel, food, fashion, landscapes, corporate, cars, music, red carpet and more.

What you’ll appreciate about our services is that we take care of everything for you. The only thing you have to do is present us your idea and background on your brand. We’ll do everything from pre-production to post-production, offering specific services such as end-to-end media content production, videography, sound recording, makeup, editing, motion design and more.

Video Marketing in Sydney That’s Backed by Leading Industry Brands

Let our portfolio of clientele convince you of the quality of our services. We work with your budget, utilising professional video production methods that deliver the excellence you and the rest of the world wants. With everything being in-house, eliminating the need to hire additional professionals, costs stay low with no compromise on quality.

So with your brand, let it stand out innovatively. Skip the traditional techniques of filming and advertising and go with video production in Sydney that uses current technology and equipment such as Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Suite.

We’ll put together a video that entertains and informs, resulting in higher engagement. For examples of what we do, consider the videos of brands and sponsors we’ve worked with such as Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, GoPro, P&O, V Energy Drink, Game of Thrones and Bupa Health Insurance.

Imagine the Impression Your Brand Can Make on the World

Whether you’re seeking a 15 or 60-second video for your website, social media page or TV spot, we can make the most of that time. Go with music only in melodic or hip beats that match your product or service. Show the emotions and feelings your brand provokes. Include your logo at the beginning or end to remind people of who you are and how they can find you. Add more words to describe further what your brand means and stands for to keep the consumer intrigued.

Alternatively, include voice and confidently state what your brand does for others that bring value and connectivity. The choices are vast, and the possibilities endless. View our videos to see what we mean. Contact us today to start planning the right video for your brand. Let the world know what you have to offer them in videos that are memorable, fun, professional and informative.